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Employment is one of the most important issues facing young people in every region in the world. I am very pleased to partner with the ImagineNations Group to address this critical problem and to bring hope and opportunities to millions of young people. Helping our youth develop life skills, strong values, attitudes of self-discipline and moral courage is essential in assisting them in becoming productive adults, good global citizens and successful entrepreneurs.


Amr Khaled
Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Right Start Foundation
Head, Programmes Development Department at ART (Arab Radio & Television)

Research & Technology

Using the Internet, Web cams, cellular technology and media, ImagineNations is developing and implementing surveys, polls and focus groups aimed at deepening understanding of young adults and inspiring positive action to inform and advocate on behalf of and, in conjunction with, young people. In addition, ImagineNations is creating television shows, broadband strategies and other technologies that engage and connect young people from around the world in dialogue and action toward achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, while also building bridges, exploding myths and telling inspiring stories of young entrepreneurs and leaders.

With its work in research, media and technology, ImagineNations is working to explode myths about young people and to build bridges across cultures, faiths, politics, gender, age and languages. Through ImagineNations and its partners, young people have access to powerful vehicles to learn from each other and to influence their communities, countries and the world. Entrepreneurs can learn from others, sharing ideas and struggles.


Country Mapping

Research, polls and surveys are ongoing components of ImagineNations' efforts to inform and advocate on behalf of, and in conjunction with, young people. In an attempt to address the many challenges facing young people, ImagineNations has sponsored an in-depth surveys and mapping exercises in various countries.

In Zambia, for instance, ImagineNations surveyed existing organizations addressing youth employment issues in the Southern, Eastern, and Copperbelt provinces of Zambia. The results, in particular, highlighted the need for employment opportunities for adolescent girls and young women. In addition, ImagineNations has analyzed existing microfinance organizations and commercial banks and other lending organizations in Zambia to identify the most promising approaches to create new opportunities to provide young people with access to savings and credit. This research confirmed that at present there are very few opportunities for youth to borrow money for enterprise development and the few schemes that did exist were often not commercially viable.

In Indonesia, ImagineNations and the World Bank co-sponsored several studies to better inform the interventions needed in formulating a Youth Investment Strategy for Indonesia. In particular, the studies assessed youth's access to microfinance in Indonesia and also conducted a mapping exercise/situational analysis on the youth employment and enterprise creation.

Full Case Study Report Cover
Full Report - Case Study Work 2007
Investing in Youth: Large Scale Approaches to Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship
December 2007

Case Studies

In developing a global strategy, ImagineNations builds on promising, large-scale development finance models for youth. ImagineNations has vetted and selected comprehensive, systemic, sustainable and scaleable initiatives from across the globe that provide the necessary approaches to address the magnitude of the youth unemployment challenge. Among them are Umsobomvu Youth Fund in South Africa, All-China Youth Federation in China and BRAC in Bangladesh. ImagineNations has developed in-depth cases that provide tangible and inspiring examples of employment programs operating at scale and highlight the potential for investing in youth enterprise.

Amr Khaled and Right Start Foundation

In 2005, ImagineNations worked in partnership with Amr Khaled and the Right Start Foundation to bring the unheard views of millions of Arab and Muslim youth to the world stage through events such as the Right Start Foundation Conference on youth and employment, titled "Working Together for a Better Future" in London, United Kingdom, on 21st August at the Wembley Conference centre.

ImagineNations and Khaled also have surveyed more than 1.4 young people across the Middle East about their views and perspectives on employment and entrepreneurship. The results of this survey were released at the conference in August 2005.

Selected Articles about Amr Khaled:

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The Sydney Morning Herald, 18th November 2005

Chat the Planet

Chat the Planet, produced by NextNext Entertainment and Rapid Blue, is a unique television and Web initiative that provides a global forum for youth ages 15-24 to encounter one another, to share perspectives on critical issues, experience the pulse of global youth culture, and anchor a network of youth activism that transcends geographical, political and cultural barriers.

Chat the Planet

In October 2004, the cable network MTV aired a 30-minute special presentation featuring an authentic, unscripted conversation between young people in Iraq and in the United States. The television special received significant attention, including feature stories in the New York Times and other publications. It marked the first co-branded television special by Chat the Planet and ImagineNations, with sponsorship from the Nike Foundation.

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